A walk in the river is always more fun if you wear river shoes or tennis shoes.  You are less likely to
slip and fall…and
everyone falls at one time or another! By the way, we own only to the middle of the
river. So please keep your exploring to the house side.Use only plastic or aluminum drinking
No glass, please!
There is a wonderful area we call "The Slab".  It is a large limestone
escarpment with small rapids and "tubs" to sit in. Enjoy a picnic away from
the house, a relaxing soak, or a fun excursion looking for minnows, frogs,
and other neat critters.  On your picnics, use only plastic, paper, or metal
containers and dispose of trash at the house.
...We are fans of modern architecture, and enjoyed the simple
beauty of the house. And the view of the shallow river and cliff
side is extraordinary. You have a special piece of land. The
cabin was also perfect for our little toddler (one story, easy to
get around, safe). She must have made a 100 little circuit loops
past the fireplace and through the bedroom, giggling the entire
time. . It was too cold for swimming, but just throwing pebbles
into the water was more than enough entertainment for her.
My favorite was seeing the sunset make the cliff side glow...
The light inside the cabin is wonderful...
My parents and brothers and sister from New
England stayed at Luck of the Draw and were
delighted. This was their first visit to the Hill Country
and Luck of the Draw gave them a wonderful spot to
enjoy the beauty of the Upper Guadalupe and spend
some quiet time between the wedding going's on.You
have a wonderful place and I truly appreciate that you
extended yourself for us opening early on Saturday.
...We had a wonderful time this past
weekend at Luck of the Draw.  Your house
is perfect, so simple, light, and airy!  Cold as
it was, we couldn't resist the draw of the
Guadalupe River, and ended up drenched
and laughing until we cried!...Most of the
time, though, we just enjoyed the peace of
the place.  The soothing sound of the river
running was the perfect backdrop for
relaxing.  You are indeed blessed to have
such a sanctuary, and you bless others by
sharing it...
What Our Guests Say
The river was wonderful – the mornings
spectacular.   It was probably one of the
best times I have had with the kids in
ages.  Thank you again for the use of your
home – it was just what the doctor
ordered.  Take care and I hope we get to
spend some time again at LOD.  
...we were expecting a nice rental, but all of our
jaws dropped as we stepped in the front door.
It's beautiful ...
The Shallows Are Sooo Fun
We had a wonderful, wonderful time at Luck of the Draw.  It exceeded our
expectations! Everything was perfect for our two families.
The water and views were amazing, and the natural pool was splendid!  Our
little ones splashed and swam their hearts out.  
You have such a perfect spot on the river.  The water, the house, the amazing
view of the bluff.  It was just perfect.  Oh, and the birds.  Wow!  It is a bird
lover’s paradise.
We are already talking about our plans to visit your home next year.